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Proffitt Eye Center was founded by the late JA Proffitt MD nearly fifty years ago. His son, Robert S Proffitt MD joined his father in 1977 and continues to offer comprehensive eye care including routine vision examinations as well as providing medical and surgical care for a wide variety of eye diseases and disorders. Proffitt Eye Center feels honored and priviledged to have cared for many thousands of patients over the years and to have earned a reputation for skilled and compassionate patient care. The skill and dedication of our staff, strengthen Proffitt Eye Center's reputation as a quality care team and facility.

Proffitt Eye Center works closely with many Optometrists in central Nebraska. We recognize them as colleagues in professional eye care. Whether you live near Proffitt Eye Center, or not, if appropriately referred, you may choose to have your Optometrist provide a portion of your post operative care. Many Optometrists are qualified to carefully monitor your eyes in the weeks and months following your eye surgery. They keep our medical staff informed of our patient's post operative status and we remain available to our patients and are committed to their well being on a long term basis.

We do accept new patients on a regular basis and provide timely appointments for our patients, both new and established.

Dr. Robert Proffitt

Dr. Robert Proffitt believes in exceeding expectations in patient care. To accomplish this high level of care, Dr. Proffitt has maintained a steadfast commitment of continued medical education. Year after year, Dr. Proffitt has studied with some of the world's finest eye surgeons. He has developed his keen surgical skills and maintained a continued passion for advanced, safe, medical and surgical eye care. Dr. Proffitt is a recognized cataract surgery specialist.

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